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Types of Poverty

There are different types of poverty. Lack of money or limited income is common to any definition of poverty. When we think of poverty we may think of starving people, living without proper housing, clothing or medical care – people who struggle to stay alive. This is known as absolute poverty. Some people in Ireland, including homeless people, may experience this type of poverty.

In Ireland and other developed countries, poverty is more usually called relative poverty. In this case, people are considered to be living in poverty if their standard of living is substantially less than the general standard of living in society. The government’s National Anti-Poverty Strategy reflects this: “people are living in poverty if their income and resources (material, cultural and social) are so inadequate as to preclude them from having a standard of living that is regarded as acceptable by Irish society generally. As a result of inadequate income and resources, people may be excluded and marginalised from participating in activities considered the norm for other people”.

Source: Combat Poverty Agency


What's Been Happening

Through contact and consultation with women in the Iveragh area, SKWA is aware of the isolation experienced by many women and one of the aims of the Equality for Women Measure project was to combat isolation by:

Building the capacity of the association to reach more women and to increase the number of women’s groups within the network.

Organising events which bring women together and combine educational and social oppotunities.

Producing a series of programmes for local radio.

Compilation of a ‘Volunteers’ Handbook’ which will give information on the organisations, in the Iveragh area, who would welcome volunteer help.

Conducting a comprehensive needs analysis looking particularly at ‘access’ to services and facilities in the Iveragh area. Results and recommendations should be available in 2006.

World Rural Women's Day 2004

What’s Available / What’s On

CD of radio series ‘Amongst Women’ will be available in Spring 2006

Lists of videos, books and equipment available for groups and individuals to borrow. For information contact Helen O'Sullivan at the office.


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